RV Hot Water Heater – Discover the Best Tank and Tankless Models

Atwood Mobile Products and Suburban Manufacturing have been making products for RVs for decades, and their RV hot water heater models dominate the recreational vehicle market.

Over the years these two companies have refined the designs of their units, so that their models can be easily installed and take up the least amount of valuable floor space. They have also improved their operational efficiency, and have included durable components that can withstand extreme weather and rough road conditions.

Both companies make propane-fired tank water heaters. Atwood only makes 6 and 10 a gallon models, but Suburban models come in 4, 6, 10, 12 and 16 gallon tank sizes.

When purchasing either an Atwood or Suburban model you will need to choose between three different ignition options. Firstly you will need to decide whether you want a pilot light model or a model with an electronic direct spark ignition system. If you decide on a pilot light model, you can choose one that needs to be lit manually each time, or a model that you initially light manually and then subsequently automatically relights.

You will also need to decide whether or not you want a model with a supplementary water heating system. If you do, then you can select a model with electrical elements in the heating tank, or a model with a heat exchanger that utilizes the RV engine’s heat to heat the water. You also have the option of a model that has both supplementary heating systems.

The Suburban units have a more powerful combustion system, and their models have a faster recovery rate than the standard Atwood units. However, Atwood has recently created water heaters that use an innovative exothermal technology that results in a 50% higher hot water output without increasing the tank size.

A few years ago PrecisionTemp created the RV-500, which was the first propane tankless RV hot water heater. This tankless unit is designed to be easily retrofitted in the place of a 6 or 10 gallon Atwood or Suburban unit.

If you purchase the RV-500 you will never need to be concerned about running out of hot water, and your water temperature will always be consistent. Unlike the tank units, the RV-500 does not suffer from standby heat losses. Its microprocessor controlled combustion system is also more efficient than that of tank models. As a result of this higher efficiency, this tankless unit uses up to 50% less propane than the tank-type models.

You can use an electric water heating unit in your RV if you have a generator, or if you can rely on electrical hook-ups. Some RV owners purchase compact under sink electric min-tank units to supplement their hot water supply, or as a back-up for their main RV hot water heater. The most popular models are the Ariston water heaters distributed by Bosch, or units made by Stiebel Eltron, Eemax and Rheem.

Commercial Office Space Perfect For Suburban Tenants

When business owners start the search for new commercial office space, they may not want to choose a location within a big city. In other words, suburban markets are more ideal for one or more reasons. This is true with business owners in the Chicagoland area. Although the city is a great place to live and enjoy the attractions, working within the city is not the right answer for all business owners. Fortunately, there are plenty of suburban markets which hold so many wonderful opportunities for suburban business owners.

O’Hare Office Market

The O’Hare suburb is a beneficial locale to lease space if you are searching for a suburban market. Close to O’Hare International Airport, the convenience of the area for business travelers can easily be seen. Even if your employees don’t travel that much and your company doesn’t see many clients coming in from out of town, the O’Hare suburban market is still a great place to lease your next office. It is close to many area interstates, which makes commuting easier for yourself and your employees. Also, there are plenty of other companies and industries in the area which will often allow new clients to find their way to your office if they are in the area for other reasons as well.

North Suburban Office Market

If you are a business owner eager to lease an office in the North suburbs, you will find plentiful options. Towns such as Skokie, Evanston, Morton Grove, Wilmette and more are filled with commercial real estate leasing options. Situated close to Lake Michigan, these towns are not only perfect for commercial offices but they are quite scenic locations as well. This makes it easy to both live and work in the towns in the North suburban market area.

East-West Corridor Office Market (Oak Brook/Naperville)

The East-West Corridor also holds a lot for business owners in the way of ideal commercial real estate. Two towns in particular which are fantastic spots to lease space include Oak Brook and Naperville. Oak Brook is located about 20 miles west of the city and is a perfect suburban location for business owners seeking office space for rent outside the city. Those who lease an office in Oak Brook will find they have plenty of well-known neighbors including Ace Hardware, Papermate and the McDonald’s Corporation, to name a few.

As for Naperville, this town is located a bit further west of Oak Brook, being located 30 miles outside of the city. Naperville has plenty of commercial leasing options, both large and small, for business owners to take advantage of. Lucent Technologies, Kraft Foods and ConAgra Foods are some of the big names in business which you could have as your neighbor if you lease a Naperville office. Naperville is also a nice place to lease office space as you will find plenty of amenities close by, which can be beneficial for both you and your employees.

Northwest Office Market (Schaumburg)

The Northwest region outside of the city has plenty of commercial leasing options, including within the town of Schaumburg. Schaumburg is home to two large corporations, IKEA and Motorola. It is also an area filled with many different shops and restaurants as well as plentiful professional offices. Those who lease an office in Schaumburg will love the convenience of having the city not too far away but appreciate not having to deal with the traffic and congestion which the big city holds. Schaumburg offers small professional business settings as well as office space for large corporations to lease.

If you are eager to lease space in the suburban market, then looking further into the options above is an excellent place to start your commercial office space search.

Be Sure To Get Certified Window Cleaners For Your Home

The windows you have in your home need to be well maintained in order for them to serve their genuine purpose. With clean windows, you provide yourself and your family a good view of your beautiful environment outside as well as enable sunshine to enter your home and provide your family the warmth you need especially during cold weather.

For your window cleaners New York, Simon’s Window Cleaning service is the perfect choice. Managed by SSP Window Cleaning Corporation for more than 10 years now, Simon’s Window Cleaning firm has a staff of handpicked professional, punctual, respectful and well groomed people who provide the best window care possible to your residential properties. They can be distinguished by their neat and clean uniform.

Its quality window cleaning NY service makes Simon’s popular among its many repeat customers. You can even check their cleaners’ authenticity by just asking for their insurance certificate which they’ll be happy to show you as proof that they’re indeed professional window cleaners from a reputable firm. Simon’s Window Cleaning company covers all types of windows and services the areas of New York and Long Island. Regular window cleaning Manhattan is required at least twice a year but for windows which have not been cleaned for a year, double cleaning is highly recommended.

In searching for window cleaners, always make sure that you’re getting professional and honest people from a reputable firm. Keep in mind that you’re allowing these people to enter your property while you may be out at work hence, it’s best to be cautious. Some things you can do are to ask the window cleaner’s length of stay in his job and his insurance details such as the general liability certificate and workers comp certificate.

Other things you need to check are whether the cleaner is well groomed, arrives at your home wearing a uniform and overshoes and in a vehicle labeled with the company name, uses pure water cleaning devices as well as the firm’s presence on the internet or in the telephone directory. Verifying some references will also be helpful.

The window cleaning business is experiencing continuous growth as many families become preoccupied giving them less time to clean the vital parts of their home on a regular basis. This reality has led many people to start a window cleaning business that provide the best professional window care as possible to all their clients. For those who’ve gotten involved in the trade, many have earned sizeable income that has allowed them to sustain their business up until now.

Is Snapfish a good digital photo printing service

There are many Internet based photo printing service these days making the choice of the best one hard. Some of the services are famous like Snapfish and Shutterfly while others are less known though could provide a great service.

Before exploring what makes an online printing service a good service we should look at the alternatives to using an online photo printing service. One option is to go to your local store and have your photos printed there. Although this can be the fastest option it is not necessarily the best in terms of price quality and convenience. Online photo printing service are easy and convenient to use simply upload your digital photos enter your payment information and in a few days receive the printed photos in your mailbox.

Online photo printing is a good business and thus many small photo printing sites mushroomed in the last few years. To choose which one is best for you it is recommended that you consider at least on the following:

Print quality. At the end of the day the main goal of using an online photo printing service is to get high quality photo paper prints. You can check the photo printing site quality by either trying to print a small number of photos and check the quality yourself on go online to a review site and read what other users have to say about the site. Another option is to go with known brands such as Snapfish assuming for the most part they do provide good quality.

Photo prints price. Everybody likes a good deal and when it comes to photo printing it is not different. Checking the price is easy simply go to the photo printing site and look at their price list. Some sites provide detailed pricing information while others force you to go through the checkout process in order to get the full cost including shipping and handling. Make sure that you compare total cost as with small printing jobs shipping and handling can be very significant. Snapfish for example provides clear pricing information on its website.

Ease of use. Photo printing should be fun and convenient. Try the online service and make sure that uploading photos and ordering prints is easy. For example if you have a large number of photos you want a service that allows uploading them in one batch instead of one by one.

Shipping time. Most photo printing sites provide a few shipping options that differ in how fast you would get your prints. Shipping itself is not the only consideration when it comes to how fast the prints will arrive. Processing and printing time can last from 24 hours to a few days depending on the site. Check the photo printing site for turnaround information and look at review sites to check other users experiences. Snapfish provides fast processing and turnaround time and shipping options that include overnight shipping.

Customer service is important. Like any other service photo printing can sometimes go wrong. In those cases when you need to get the photo printing service customer service help you want it to be easy and fast. Check review sites to see how good is the photo printing site customer service or rely on brand name such as Snapfish for good customer service.

Using Callcentric VoIP Services

Callcentric is a VoIP phone service provider, offering a variety of communication services. Here is how you can take advantage of the services provided by Callcentric.

Create a free account.

To become a Callcentric member, simply create a free account at the website. No fees are required, and you can immediately get a good feel of the professional control panel once you sign up as a member.

Understanding how VoIP works.

On the Callcentric website, there are tons of information on how VoIP works, and more specifically, how Callcentric services work. VoIP technology is no longer a new technology, and most people are already aware of how this technology works.

Special hardware and software is used to convert voice into data packets so that the data can be transmitted over the Internet using the IP protocol. At the other end, similar hardware and software then converts the data back to voice. As the Internet is a public network, that essential means that you get to make free phone calls using VoIP. All you need is the right software and hardware.

If you are making a phone call from a computer, you need to get a handset, and install special software. Service providers like Callcentric would be able to advise on the right type of software to install. You can also find more information on compatible equipment. Using the software, you can make calls to any computer user using VoIP (free of charge), or you can call a normal land line (a small fee is chargeable).

If you do not own a computer, you can purchase an IP phone. An IP phone can be connected to a land line like an ordinary phone, and enables you to make VoIP phone calls without a computer. The IP phone is different from an ordinary phone because it can connect to the Internet, thus making VoIP calls possible.

If you are calling another member of the Callcentric network, all calls are free. There are no monthly fees involved.

But someone may ask, “If VoIP is free, what is the catch when signing as a member with Callcentric?”

Well, Callcentric provides value-added services to their VoIP members, and such services are not free. For example, you may wish to sign up for a DID (telephone) number that you can promote as your business number or just use it at home. The DID number is not free. You will have to pay a small fee to keep the number. On top of that, if you are calling outside the VoIP network, a fee is chargeable. However, such fees are reasonably priced, and you can always compare International calling rates on the Callcentric website.

Other features that members get to enjoy for free include call forwarding, call waiting, DID forwarding, Do not disturb, speed dial, voice mail, and more.

Bicycling Safety – Defensive Riding in a Suburban Environment

Riding a bicycle in the suburbs presents challenges to cyclists and drivers alike. While the wider streets and lower concentration of cyclists make the suburbs seem like a safer place to ride, the suburban landscape can actually be a no-man’s-land for cyclists. Whether you’re on your bike or in your car, these observations can help prevent accidents and annoyances on the road.

Bicycle laws do vary by state. Nevertheless, with some exceptions, cyclists should obey the same traffic laws as motorists. This generalization is not as obvious as it sounds. How many times have you cyclists crossed against a red light when no cars were coming? On a bike, it’s easy to feel unrestrained by the rules of the road. Unfortunately, this attitude can provoke motorists who aren’t sure how to react to bikers that, to them, appear out of nowhere and do unpredictable things.

In the suburbs, the ratio of cars to bikes is much higher than in the city. Suburban motorists are not so accustomed to seeing cyclists. Most are more concerned about other cars than cyclists and are surprised to see them. Therefore, as a suburban cyclist you should take extra care not only to follow the rules of the road, but to make believe that you’re invisible and no one sees you. This idea will go a long way in keeping you out of trouble.

While assuming that no car is looking for you, also assume the worst when keeping track of a vehicle. What does this mean? Let’s say a vehicle is heading toward an intersection. Let’s say the car stops without activating the turn signal. Normally, we would assume that the car will continue driving straight. Stop! Instead, assume that the driver is the type of person who doesn’t use the turn signal and that it’s equally possible that he will turn left or right. Assume that drivers aren’t paying attention, that they’re distracted, texting while driving, eating a Big Mac, painting their nails, and so on. This will help you predict the movements of many motorists, especially suburban motorists.

The wide boulevards, regular lanes, and enormous intersections of a suburb provide a predictable driving environment, perfect for sleepy drivers. In contrast, the narrow lanes, sudden changes, and frequent stoplights of a city force urban drivers into a more alert state. Therefore, suburban cyclists ought to make up for the alertness that motorists lack by following the rules of the road, staying visible, keeping aware, and predicting the behavior of all nearby vehicles.

10 Top Reasons to Use an Online Call Tracking Service

The best way to get a definitive answer on whether or not your Internet dollars are hitting the intended targets is to use some form of phone call tracking service. Online phone tracking services will bring the power and immediacy of the Internet to the analysis of your out- and in-bound calls, and provide you with a program that will tell you exactly what is working in both directions.

Call tracking provides you ways to better serve your customers by understanding what each and every phone call leads to for your business, just as you probably have a system for updating the information from your website to discover where all those clicks originated from, etc. Online phone tracking will allow you to enhance service levels, listen to recorded sales calls on behalf of your advertisers and suggest ways for callers to improve performance.

From general to specific

The term “tracking service” is still broad enough, and new enough, to mean a few different things to different people and industries. Add the term “online” and things don’t get much better, although the reputable firms doing these “new metrics and analytics” are refining the definition to make it standard among all businesses.

The bottom line is the need for the best and the latest information about your firm’s business efficiency in the realm of telephone communications. This need extends, of course, to information about every customer, every prospect, every outbound sales call and every inbound call of every kind. With the computers available today, and the powerful software (much of it proprietary) being used by the call tracking firms, it is actually possible to review every day’s calls at close of business

The top 10 reasons to use it

There are probably many more related benefits, but the “Top 10” list here is a great place to start if you need convincing. The benefits extend throughout the company, with the major advantages, of course, being conferred on the sale and marketing effort. Not only can “aggregate” (total) data be analyzed for trends and results, specific calls can also be evaluated for important insights or answers.

Calls can be recorded for review, of course, and all of the analytical methods will be automated in software to a great degree. After a proper setup, you can begin realizing the benefits immediately from the opportunities provided by the call tracking service. These are in no particular order, but they are definitely the “Top 10” reasons to use an online call tracking service:

1. Sales Training: You can use recordings of both ideal and actual calls to coach individual sales people on phone skills.

2. Cross-Training: Non-sales employees can review and study a variety of in- and out-bound calls to learn enough skills to be adequate “back up” for vacations, etc.

3. Instant Feedback: Customers can be prompted to “stay on the line” after each call and rate the quality of the call. With a simple setup, calls getting poor ratings can automatically alert you with a call tracking number so you can discuss the issue with your staff.

4. Smarter Marketing: A good tracking program will provide you with critically important information about the prospects that call in response to your marketing and sales efforts, whether in print, broadcast or online media. You can then use that knowledge to better focus your marketing strategies as well as media buys. Validate marketing expenditures and show advertising Return On Investment (ROI) by tracking program-specific calls.

5. Improved Efficiency: Good tracking results will allow you to reallocate ad dollars to programs that generate top results, as you will know which programs can be cut without adversely impacting sales. You can test easy-to-remember numbers for increased response to your marketing efforts.

6. Capture New Customer Info: You will get more mileage out of every media campaign by downloading the names and addresses (and any other available data) of callers responding to your advertising. These new addresses can then be future, targeted direct mail or other campaigns.

7. Prove and Document Performance: Having immediate access to all of your historical marketing campaign data enables you to change both strategies and budgets as required. You will also be able to quantify your marketing success to company management, financial backers and others. Real-time, full color reports can be delivered on-demand by email or fax and used in spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and budget meeting handouts.

8. Generate More Leads: When you can capture data on each and every call that comes into your office – even if the line is busy, there is no answer, the callers have call blocking or the incoming number is unlisted – you will never lose an opportunity for a sale. You will receive real-time data on calls for tracking every lead, even those that might have otherwise been lost.

9. Interface Everything: The term “interface” is definitely over-used, but you can automatically feed customer data into your customer records or lead management system. You will be able to track every prospect from the initial marketing source to each and every closed sale.

10. Refresh and Recycle Leads: You can continue to input, update and review captured data on prospects that have not yet made a purchasing decision, empowering you to reach out to them time and time again. With better and more precise information being added, you can more closely tailor each of your follow up sales calls as well, making for much more efficient use of time and more effective sales presentations.

How to Choose Hydroponics Plants to Grow in the Suburban Hydroponic Garden

The attractive part of hydroponics gardening, and the reason why so many home and commercial gardeners and farmers are drawn to it is the speed that plants grow and the amount of produce crops grown with hydroponics technology produce. Although it looks like it is a big step from growing plants in soil, the step is actually only quite small. The nutrients that would normally be contained within soil are provided in the water. Once this has been done, other than physical support for the plant roots, the soil provides no further advantage. Because they receive all of the elements they receive in soil, a huge range of plants can be grown hydroponically.

The main types of hydroponics plants that we see are those that we eat. You may have noticed that many varieties of lettuce and herbs are now sold in supermarkets in plastic seeds with their roots still attached. These plants have been grown hydroponically. They are just as healthy and tasty as plants grown in soil.


Hydroponic strawberries are a seasonal fruit, bearing fruit only during the warmer months of the year. Hydroponics technology, with the provision of light, nutrients, and water, is able to grow strawberries all year round, producing rich, red, luscious, sweet fruit. The cost of hydroponic gardening is no more expensive than farming with soil, which means that hydroponics strawberries can be provided to local markets and supermarkets all year round from a local grower, rather than having them shipped in during the out-of-season months. This significantly reduces the cost of these hydroponic plants.


Although many varieties of lettuce can be grown all year round, this is limited by the rate at which lettuce grows during the winter months. If a particular area is prone to frost or snow, lettuce or other plants can not be grown during this time. Hydroponics plants can be grown indoors, meaning that they can be protected from the harsh winters and be grown all year round. Hydroponic lettuce also grows much faster than traditionally grown lettuce. This allows farmers to produce multiple crops during the year, enhancing their production rates, reducing the area they need to dedicate to an individual hydroponic plant, and thereby increasing their profitability.


The traditional hydroponic plant – the tomato – is perhaps the most well known plant to be grown using hydroponic systems. It can be found in almost all supermarkets, where it is now almost uncommon to find tomatoes that are not grown hydroponically. Tomatoes are particularly suited to hydroponic growing because they have small root systems, require quite a lot of water, and are particularly prone to soil-borne diseases, frost, and other radical changes in the weather. Hydroponics provides the stability that tomatoes need to grow and thrive.

In summary, a wide range of plants can be grown using hydroponic technology. The most common hydroponic plants that we as consumers come across are lettuce, herbs, strawberries, and of course, tomatoes. Hydroponics provides these plants with the stability in growth conditions that they require to grow rapidly and bear the most produce, making the entire system economically viable.

Most Washington DC Suburban Middle Class Neighborhoods in Real Estate Housing Decline

Even with all the massive government spending in Washington, DC and all the overpaid jobs in all the corporations leaching off the government we still find that the economy is topping off. It is evident that this is happening due to the real estate prices locally fair in Washington, DC.

Many of the counties above Washington, DC in Maryland have a zero growth in real estate prices and have completely topped out. The prices are not coming down yet, but they will soon. It is interesting to watch Washington, DC suburbs and to the real estate growth, top and a decline, as it shows us that Washington, DC is suffering the same fate as Silicon Valley after the.com bubble burst.

In the suburban areas the low Washington, DC in Virginia there is a negative change in the real estate prices of between 2 to 5% drop and this has occurred in the last quarter and is expected to continue to decline. We will most likely see the Maryland suburbs do the same thing within the next quarter.

Eventually the federal government of the United States of America will have to stop spending and wasting taxpayers money and as they do this we will see many corporations laying off employees because they can no longer sponge off the incredible cash flow expenditures of the federal government. Of course Washington, DC although unique in the massive amount of cash flow coming from the government is not unique to the real estate market across the country.

It is interesting that so many people thought that this real estate boom would never stop. Apparently they did not study the flows and cycles of the real estate boom and bust that are so common to the Washington, DC area and the federal government’s fiscal policies. Please consider this in 2006.

Best Quality Auto Parts for Your Suburban

The Suburban nameplate is one of the longest running in automobile history. This model-name dates back to 1935 when it was first manufactured under the Chevrolet marque. With time, this vehicle was rolled out under the Holden unit and then finally under the GMC brand name. The manufacturers might have changed over time but the spirit of this vehicle remained the same.

Right since its inception, the Suburban was a large, heavy and muscular Full Size SUV and these attributes stayed on with the passage of time to give rise to a tradition named Suburban. Even the modern-day Suburban, now re-named under GMC as “Yukon” bears a striking resemblance to its predecessors in more than one way.

With engine options ranging from a short-block 5.1 liters to a massive long-block 8.1 liters, this vehicle was always enormous in size and wheel-span. Some people also called it a baby Hummer after the famous Hummer trucks of the US army. The Suburban itself is famous for being a police patrol-car. Apart from its power and aggressive looks, this vehicle is also known to have an excellent towing capacity and cargo-space making it an exceptional SUV.

The modern Suburban or GMC Yukon is laden with high-end features and a seating capacity for 9 passengers. This vehicle can take on any kind of roads under any kind of conditions. People in need of regular commuting from towns to cities and vice-versa prefer this vehicle since it still remains one of the lower priced 9-seater SUVs.

The Suburban is however, a little hard on the wallet in terms of maintenance and service and of course that is expected from a vehicle of this size. Another problem one faces with this vehicle is the unavailability of brand new auto parts from the dealership. The problem is somewhat compounded if the vehicle is an older model. In such cases, one can easily think about using aftermarket or rebuilt parts as an alternative for OEM parts. The option may be cheap and work initially but such parts are bound to spoil the vehicle in the long run since they are not original company made and may experience compatibility issues.

To counter this problem, used auto parts have evolved as a cheap and effective, yet a safe alternative. These are genuine OEM parts that do not result in any long-term problems for the vehicle. Compared to brand new parts, these are readily available online and cost only about one-third of what their newer counterparts do. Nowadays, there are even special discounts, offers and schemes provided on used parts by many recognized dealers. Not only do you get a cheap auto part, you get it with a warranty and a replacement guarantee. In addition to these benefits, you also get to have the ordered auto parts delivered right to your doorstep without any charges. With a majority of well-known auto parts stores, you also get customer support in case you face any problems either in selecting the auto parts or after the delivery.

All you’ve got to do is select the correct used auto part from a recognized seller. Once you do that, rest assured that all your worries about the replacement part would be taken care of and your Suburban would be ready to take on the road again.